Monday, November 26, 2012

If you are a small business owner or are responsible for the sales and marketing division of your company, you'll want to check out IMPACT Office.  I'm using it now and I like the fact that all of the main software that I use to market my business as well as follow up with and close new business and manage their info once they become clients (a CRM, email newsletter, autoresponder, video conferencing, large file sharing, etc) are all in one simple easy to use interface all connected to the one database of people.

 Is it perfect?  No.  There are a few bells and whistles that I wish it had and that I know the technologists at IMPACT Office are working on implementing (the tech support people are very friendly and competent).  But, for $99 a month, I'm saving money versus subscribing to all of these programs separately. I would have been spending over $800 per month if I were to buy them separately.  Now that's a 'No brainer.'

I've checked into just how secure my information is and, to summarize, it is very secure.  They use the same SSL encryption that banks have to use.  Enough said.  I highly recommend you check it out.  It will not just save you money, but, save you the headache of learning different interfaces for different services as well as the likely headache when the various different companies' programs don't interface well.  For more tips and recommended tools to help you grow and manage your small business marketing and sales campaigns, feel free to 'Like' my fan page at:

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