Monday, November 26, 2012

If you are a small business owner or are responsible for the sales and marketing division of your company, you'll want to check out IMPACT Office.  I'm using it now and I like the fact that all of the main software that I use to market my business as well as follow up with and close new business and manage their info once they become clients (a CRM, email newsletter, autoresponder, video conferencing, large file sharing, etc) are all in one simple easy to use interface all connected to the one database of people.

 Is it perfect?  No.  There are a few bells and whistles that I wish it had and that I know the technologists at IMPACT Office are working on implementing (the tech support people are very friendly and competent).  But, for $99 a month, I'm saving money versus subscribing to all of these programs separately. I would have been spending over $800 per month if I were to buy them separately.  Now that's a 'No brainer.'

I've checked into just how secure my information is and, to summarize, it is very secure.  They use the same SSL encryption that banks have to use.  Enough said.  I highly recommend you check it out.  It will not just save you money, but, save you the headache of learning different interfaces for different services as well as the likely headache when the various different companies' programs don't interface well.  For more tips and recommended tools to help you grow and manage your small business marketing and sales campaigns, feel free to 'Like' my fan page at:

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

How Businesses Can Immediately Reduce Overhead

I recently discovered a way for my business to save money on nearly all of my existing expenses. Plus, by joining this 'discount buying club' you also can market your business to all the other members nationwide at no additional cost. Very cool.

Check out this video and call me at 1-866-339-4619 or email or visit to learn how you can buy a lifetime membership for a one-time fee that will save your business money on nearly everything you are already buying, both small purchases and large expenditures (let alone saving you money on personal purchases) for life. 

It's one of the best investments that both grows revenue and lowers overhead that I've seen come across my desk in a long time!

Joyfully in Service,

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Want to breakthrough hidden barriers to your business success?

Expect Success Coaching & Training

Breakthrough hidden barriers to your business success!

Attend a 2 day Success Summit event in Portland, OR, 9am to 5pm, Th-Fri, 9/20-9/21/12. Only $99 for both days!

Steve Thornton, CEO of Expect Success Coaching & Training, has facilitated more than 5,000 seminars, workshops, and coaching sessions designed to focus on personal development, sales, and marketing. Steve is very inspirational and provides the real-world skills needed to get RESULTS! Steve will be visiting Portland, OR, for just these 2 days from his headquarters in Phoenix, AZ.

2 Days of Inspirational Small Business Training by a seasoned small business coach & speaker, Steve Thornton, with expert guest speakers from the local area!

-- Over 100 small business owners and self-employed professionals anticipated.

-- Plenty of networking opportunities.

-- Lunch is provided.

-- Door prizes. Live Entertainment, too!

Only $99 for both days if you register by Sept 7, 2012.

Reserve your seat at

*** This content-packed event will reveal:

-- How to go beyond what most trainers teach about time management, lead generation, and marketing & really get these systems working for you.

-- Why motivation wears off & how to make permanent changes in your thinking.

-- Strategies & techniques to prosper in today’s economy.

-- Why procrastination, fear, beliefs, stress, and attitude hold you back, & how to finally break through.

-- How to use technology to increase revenue and profitability.

-- Powerful recruiting and team building strategies.

-- High-level leadership skills that get results.

-- How To close effortlessly and make your presentations profitable.

Reserve your seat at

I look forward to seeing you there!

Monday, August 6, 2012

LeadFerret is new free way to build your prospecting lists

Free leads from

I wanted to alert you to something extremely helpful for your business development. It almost sounds too good to be true, but, it isn't.

It's working for me and you need to check it out. There is no cost to obtain plenty of local contacts in vertical markets you target. This is a truly revolutionary way to obtain highly targeted prospects to call and email. Just to summarize, when you join LeadFerret, you'll have a regular source of accurate contacts that is:

 1) truly free

 2) complete data, including an email address for every record

 3) social media links for many records (find a prospects contact info and find out more about them from their linkedin, facebook, and twitter profiles/pages)

 4) unlimited access to 8 million records

 5) amazing search tools, including search by radius from your office, search by SIC and NAICS tools, search by title, seach by comapny size, and much more

 6) easily build your list of target contacts and companies from records you find while searching

 7) transfer contacts to your SalesNexus account in just a few clicks and be executing campaigns against your new prospects in a few minutes (SalesNexus users get 500 free records a month to transfer into their sales Nexus account)

 8) 12 different ways you can easily earn points by promoting Leadferret can be found at, and you can use these points to download records to a spreadsheet.   You also get 5 points every day as long as you downloaded 5 records the previous day.

9) They are just about to launch their premium service where you can buy points via a monthly subscription.

Here are a few recommendations:

"2 minutes on LeadFerret is worth 2 hours on Linkedin.  It takes me 2 hours to get contact info for 10 good prospects on Linkedin; I can get hundreds in LeadFerret in less than 2 minutes."

 "It's like having 8 million contacts added to my address book, but with much better search tools."

 "My company is paying 6-figures for a data subscription, but I get more out of LeadFerret, and it's free."

Again, I highly recommend you check out the free service that LeadFerret has created. I haven't used their new premium service, but, I'm sure it will be well worth it. True free leads almost sounds too good to be true, but, you'll want to check it out.

Andrew Barden President,
My Business Strategy, Inc.
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